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Gas and Diesel

There is only one brand of gas in Mexico, the national oil company, Pemex.  Most stations are clean and modern and have restrooms.  Many are open 24 hours.  Gas and diesel are sold in pesos per liter of fuel.  

To convert the pump price to US dollars per gallon: 

Multiply the price in pesos that is on the gas pump by 3.785 then divide by the current exchange rate.

Price in Pesos X 3.785
--------------------------------- = Price in U.S. Dollars per Gallon
Exchange Rate

Example: If the price on the pump in Mexico is 10.30 pesos (per liter), and the current exchange rate is 13.00 pesos per dollar, you would have the following result:

10.30 X 3.785 
----------------------- = $2.998 US dollars per gallon

There are two fuel-pricing regions in Baja.  Border price and national price.  Border price fluctuates along with fuel prices in the US.  National price changes less frequently and is generally less expensive than border pricing.  The region for national prices starts in Ensenada.


Most stations accept dollars and credit or debit cards with ID.  As the stations are independently owned and operated franchises, the policy may be different from one station or city to another.


There are two grades of gas and one grade of diesel and are shown on the station sign to indicate which is sold there:


  • Magna is represented by green color on the signs and is regular octane.
  • Premium is represented by red color on the signs and is high octane.
  • Diesel is not available at all stations.  It is represented by black color on the signs.  Diesel may be in a separate pump or may be on the same pump as gas.  If it is the same pump, be careful that you receive diesel if your vehicle requires it as the attendant might assume that your car or small truck uses gas.


Service stations are full-service only.  Although you might at times see some locals filling their own cars or gas cans, it is generally not allowed.  The attendant will fill your car and check under the hood and clean your windows if you want.  Tipping is part of the attendant's salary and typically is customary, 5 or 10 pesos, or 50 cents to a dollar, is usually enough depending on how much the attendant did for you and how good the service was.



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