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There are WalMart and Comercial Mexicana Mega (similar to a SuperTarget) in Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada.  Each of them typically have more than 20 checkout lanes.  These stores are huge.  There are also Calimax, Ley and Soriana, among others, that are more like conventional US supermarkets.   Costco and Sam's Club are in Tijuana and Ensenada.  All of these types of markets take dollars and Visa and MasterCard, many take AMEX.  Many brands that you know are here.  Some are Mexican brands.

Prices are much lower than in US on supermarket food that is sourced in Mexico, things that are imported might be higher.  Depending on what it is and where it is sourced it could be free of tariff or subject to tariff that is included in the price.  Items sourced in Mexico are as much as 1/2 to 2/3 less than US prices.  It all depends on what you buy and from where it comes.  

One thing to know.  MOST (not all) shops and big box stores display prices *including* tax.  There is a value-added tax here, called IVA (Impuesto Valor Addicional), which is 11%.  So, when you see the shelf price, that is usually the total that you pay, unlike in most of the US where you pay sales tax (9.75% in San Diego) added to the shelf price.  Receipts in Baja still itemize the IVA, though the item price on the receipt will be lower than the shelf price, or the IVA is identified but not added back into the total.  We've seen it done both ways.

You can buy fresh fish and lobster (it's in season now) from the supermarkets at the Mercado Negro (fish market in Ensenada) or from fishermen in their boats in Popotla, south part of Rosartio.  At Popotla whole fish is generally about $30 pesos a kilo ($1.10 USD per pound) and live lobsters are $22 USD a kilo ($10 USD a pound), in season.  A dozen dungeness crabs (live) are $10 USD.  Chicken is inexpensive in the supermarkets.  Mexican beef is also inexpensive, though many from the US do not like the taste and texture.  It is generally grass fed and, though healthier, has less marbling, is a bit tougher and gamier.  US beef is available in some markets and at Costco.



Shop 12 - Leather Factory

Belts, purses, backpacks, messenger bags, shaving kit bags, camera bags, hats, caps and much more, all made of fine leather by the owner or his family.  Shop 12 is the place to go for leather goods in Tijuana.


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