Discover the Best of Baja...

Who are we?

Baja Explorers are not your typical explorer types.  

We are not mountain climbers nor backcountry hikers. 

We have a zest for exploring the wonders of our home, Baja California.  


We love to discover new "treasures" and to share them with others.

Sometimes, an adventure might be:

... a street festival celebrating a famous salad
... a bakery with no name that makes only one kind of excellent bread
... a shop that sells only artesanal cheeses
... a shop with more than 500 kinds of tequila

All of our lead explorers live in Baja full time, we hope you will enjoy and share your discoveries as well!



La Cascada - Ice Cream and Popsicles

I scream, you scream, we all scream "Let's go to Primo Tapia for ice cream."  Wait...  Huh?


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