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Rancho Reynoso to La Loma

This is a nice drive to get away from it all... and it is very close by.

Location: Start at Rancho Reynoso on the free road Mex 1 and cross the overpass over both highways.  Keep to the right generally.  It's best to go when the road is dry and there's been no rain.  

If you visit these places, please respect the families who live there.

We recommend this route only in a suitable vehicle, the road can be rugged at times.

Update:  Señor Roberto reported this week (July 1, 2013)  that there is now a fence across the road about half way to the end of our route.  We will follow up and see if there is an alternate route that is as good.  There are several homes and a campground there, so we think there must be an alternate.

Time: 1-2 hours depending on stops and driving speed

Cost: Free

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