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Baja Movers

Expert and careful movers from anywhere in Mexico to anywhere in the US, or from anywhere in the US to Baja or anywhere in Mexico.

Fluent in English and familiar with customs processes and US client expectations.

US Phone: (619)350-3135

US Phone: (619)730-6860

Mex Phone: 011-52-(661)111-3238

eMail: see email address above



Rosarito Events

Sun Feb 24
Bajavurah - Jewish Social Group

Tue Feb 26 @11:00AM -
Baja Gold Coast Bridge Club

Wed Feb 27
Square Dancing

Sat Mar 02 @10:00AM -
United Society of Baja California (USBC)

Tue Mar 05 @11:00AM -
Baja Gold Coast Bridge Club

Wed Mar 06
Square Dancing

Tue Mar 12 @11:00AM -
Baja Gold Coast Bridge Club

Wed Mar 13
Square Dancing

Thu Mar 14 @10:00AM -
Cruz Roja Volunteers

Mon Mar 18 @ 8:00AM -
Natalicio de Benito Juarez (Benito Juarez' Birthday)

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