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El Tucumano

Tucked away one block from Avenida Revolucion in central Tijuana is El Tucumano, an Argentinian Bistro with a variety of tasty empanadas.  They offer so many types of fillings that they place a guide on the table to help diners tell which ones are each type.

One day at an office, Señor Sabrosisimo was chatting with another gringo who said that if he was in Tijuana and wanted a quick and low cost lunch to try this little place one block from Revolution.  It is a small bistro that specializes in empanadas, 14 different kinds of empanadas, most of them are $14 pesos (about $1.10 USD).

A few months later, Sr. S. found himself in that neighborhood at lunch time.  The empanadas were excellent.  So was the country-style grilled sausage and hand-cut fries.

Cost: $ (low)

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There is a varied menu

Every table has a guide to the different shapes for each type of empanada

Hot and fresh from the oven

If you can find Jai Alai, then you've found El Tucumano.  They are in the same building.





Panaderia y Pasteleria Las Joyas - Bakery and Sweet Shop

Sometimes your sweet tooth is hungry for a good hearty donut.  Where can they be found in Rosarito?  Here, in a corner of a shopping center, north of town, just next to El Florido Abarrotes y Carnes.


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