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Señor Sabrosisimo had heard of zonkeys in Tijuana for many years, yet after many visits to the city he had never stopped to have his photo made with one.  On a recent trip to the Caesar Salad Festival on Ave. Revolucion, he stopped, paid 10 pesos for the photo and the rest is history.

Tijuana zebras, often called zonkeys, are donkeys that have been painted with stripes so that it looks like a zebra.  They have been a popular tourist attraction in Tijuana on Ave. Revolucion since the 1940s.  Thousands of tourists have their photo made with one of the several Zonkeys each year.

Zonkeys came about because painting the donkeys ensured that the animal could be better seen in photographs.  The donkeys were mostly white, and on sunny days with the black and white cameras of the early days, the donkey would show in the picture as a ghostly figure.

Avenida Revolucion (Revolution) has traditionally been the party zone for American tourists.  It is within walking distance from the US border.  In recent years, US tourism has declined on Revo., however a new trend is for many street fairs and events to be held there.  Restaurante Caesar is here between 4th and 5th streets and has been recently beautifully restored to its 1920's glamor.

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Señor Sabrosisimo and his first Zonkey photo


Doña Dona has her moment



 The Friendship Arch over Ave. Revolucion




Panaderia 2 Hermanos

Tortas are Mexican sandwiches that are usually filled with meat and other yummy things.  They are often made with the standard bolillo or telera breads, which sometimes get soft from the fillings.  Panaderia 2 Hermanos has been making only one kind of bread that is perfect for tortas, a ciabatta-type loaf for 10 years.


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