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CODET Vision Institute

In 2012, Sr. Sabrosisimo found out that he needed cataract surgery.  As he soon discovered, one of the best eye clinics in the world is right here in Tijuana.

To add to his natural fear of eye surgery, Sabrosisimo's father had a very bad experience with cataract surgery at a well-regarded eye clinic in North Carolina, so Sabrosisimo was more anxious than most when facing this surgery.

He initially saw a different doctor in Tijuana and felt somewhat OK with the clinic and the doctor... then he started asking others in Baja whom they recommended.  The same name came up, over and over and over:  Dr. Arturo Chayet at CODET Vision Institute.  A bit more research revealed that Dr. Chayet is a world-famous eye surgeon.  Many doctors in the US send patients to him for complicated procedures they can not perform (more on that later).  In fact, Dr. Chayet invented IntraLASIK, the all-laser LASIK procedure that is now considered state-of-the-art worldwide.

Sabrosisimo had a large degree of astigmatism, which makes good visual outcomes in cataract surgery more challenging.  Dr. Chayet offered an intraocular lens that is not available in the US yet, even though it is made in Pasadena.  The Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) provided an extra measure of certainty in achieving the best visual outcome following the surgery because the vision correction can be adjusted after the surgery has healed.

Every part of the entire cataract surgery process at CODET Vision Institute was perfect.  There was no pain before, during or after the surgery.  After the lens adjustment period was complete, Sabrosisimo had 20/15 vision, which is better than 20/20.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago...

Señora Fruta called asking about Dr. Chayet.  She had pain and redness in her eyes, for no known reason.  Sabrosisimo accompanied her to CODET Vision to see Dr. Chayet, that same day.  He diagnosed her with an allergy she had developed to her extended-wear contact lenses and recommended daily wear lenses and a change to her prescription.  At first, Fruta was reluctant to change her prescription, having recently had an optometrist exam in California.  The change was an improvement in her vision, though, and now Fruta was more motivated than ever to have LASIK and eliminate the need for lenses.

Sabrosisimo went along for the ride for Fruta's trip to TJ to get a LASIK evaluation at CODET.  Since he had not had a vision checkup in more than a year, he scheduled a checkup for himself at the same time.

Expecting a routine "nothing has changed" checkup, Sabrosisimo was surprised to learn that some astigmatism had returned in his right eye.  The change was not drastic, his vision was still 20/25 in that eye, most people would be happy with that.  Dr. Chayet said it would be a simple surgical procedure to correct, called a Limbal Relaxing Incision (LRI), and, the best part, it would be at no cost for the surgery.  The entire cost would be $20 USD for a Pentacam test to map the astigmatism for guiding the incision.  So, Sabrosisimo and Fruta scheduled their surgeries for the same day.  Later that day, research on the web showed that the average cost for LRI in the US is $850 USD, and this best-in-class surgeon and facility is providing it as an adjustment of a surgery done more than 1 1/2 years ago.

On the day of surgery, they are sitting in the waiting area and start chatting with a man from San Diego.  He said that he had a complication from eye surgery in La Jolla, California, and that his surgeon there referred him to Dr. Chayet, because he knew of no one in the US with the equipment or skill to perform what was required.

The two surgeries went well, Fruta's took about 15 minutes for both eyes.  Sabrosisimo's took about three minutes, really.  When he walked out of the operating room, his vision was already better, and is expected to further improve for the next couple of weeks.  At the post-surgery checkup the next day, Señora Fruta learned that her vision was now 20/20, and will further improve as her eyes heal.

 If you need eye care, don't let the low cost fool you, CODET Vision Institute is a world-class facility.

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Sabrosisimo at the machine that adjusts the Light Adjustable Lens (LAL)


World-class facility

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La Esquinita

One day, Señor Sabrosisimo was short on time and needed a quick lunch.  He asked the owner of a shop where was a good fast place to eat nearby.  It was just a few blocks away.


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