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Shop 12 - Leather Factory

Belts, purses, backpacks, messenger bags, shaving kit bags, camera bags, hats, caps and much more, all made of fine leather by the owner or his family.  Shop 12 is the place to go for leather goods in Tijuana.

Recently, Señor Sabrosisimo had visiting guests who were interested in dinner at Caesar's Restaurant in Tijuana.  Oh, by the way, while we are there, can we look for a new leather belt?  The first place we looked didn't sell leather, but suggested Shop 12 in the next block... "ask for Manuel".... so we did.

Shop 12 is a leather factory and retail shop.  All of the leather items for sale were made by Manuel or his family.  Selection is wide and quality is very good.  Prices were so reasonable that we didn't feel the need to haggle.  If they don't have what you want, they will make it.

At the back of a shopping arcade on Ave. Revolution and worth the extra steps!


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Leather, leather, everywhere.


Manuel has had his shop in this same location for 45 years!


Their leather goods are made right there at the shop.





El Tucumano

Tucked away one block from Avenida Revolucion in central Tijuana is El Tucumano, an Argentinian Bistro with a variety of tasty empanadas.  They offer so many types of fillings that they place a guide on the table to help diners tell which ones are each type.


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