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Tortas Washmobile

The car wash is long since gone, but the little stand selling only carne asada tortas, that got it's name from the car wash has remained in the same location since 1964.

They only sell one item.  Carne asada tortas.  Those are sandwiches made from their own style bread, baked just for them, filled with grilled then chopped beef.  The toppings are a bit of mayo to grill the bread, tomatoes, red onions and salsa.  Jalapeños are available if you want.  That's all they serve, other than soft drinks.

When there is only one item, there is a great opportunity to focus on improving it.  Apparently that has worked for Tortas Washmobile, they have lasted longer than the car wash and have been mentioned on dozens of websites and TV shows.  They now have other locations in Tijuana, but be sure to stop by the original.

Tortas Washmobile is only one-half block from the busy street the locals call El Boulevar (Agua Caliente) on Jalisco.  The intersection of Jalisco and Agua Caliente is just one block west on Agua Caliente from the southbound free road to Rosarito, two blocks from the northbound lanes.  You should give it a try.


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You must taste this

Grilled over a wood fire, right on the cart.

Simple toppings compliment the quality flavors





Ceramica JR Tile Factory

Sitting on a hillside just west of Tecate is the artisanal tile factory of Javier Ramirez called Ceramica JR.  Designers in Mexico and the US call on JR to provide custom made tile for the best homes in Mexico and California.


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