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Caesar's Restaurante

"My empire for a salad." is what many of us imagine Julius Caesar might have said before the creation of Caesar's Salad.  Or at least it certainly was created in Italy, or maybe in Las Vegas.  The real story is very different.

Caesar's Salad was created in Tijuana.  Yes, Tijuana.  It was the creation of restauranteur Caesar Cardini, of San Diego, who, because of Prohibition in the US, opened a restaurant and bar in Tijuana.  One day, as the story goes, the restaurant had been very busy and had sold out of most ingredients.  Some patrons came in, and ordered a salad.  Using what they had on hand, Caesar created the now-legendary salad.  It is still made fresh and at your table, at the same place where it was created.

Having a salad at Caesar's was on Señor Sabrosisimo's bucket list of things to do.  Then the bad news came... Caesar's restaurant had closed.  Not too long after that, there was excellent news.  Caesar's Restaurante had been restored by the Plasencia family of Tijuana, who own several other high-end restaurants.  The building was restored to 1927 luxury and Sabrosisimo got his wish. 

It was worth the wait.

The menu is varied and excellent and prices are moderate for fine dining.  Everyone should try a Caesar's Salad at least one time at it's birthplace.  Want the recipe?  Just ask, they will gladly share it with you.

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Caesar's Salad in 3 minutes


The most famous salad in the world



Perfectly prepared Duck Tortellini


Elegant and richly restored bar 


Historical photos line the walls in the dining rooms





Ceramica JR Tile Factory

Sitting on a hillside just west of Tecate is the artisanal tile factory of Javier Ramirez called Ceramica JR.  Designers in Mexico and the US call on JR to provide custom made tile for the best homes in Mexico and California.


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