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Mercado de Todos

As is typical when someone in Baja gives directions, the Mercado de Todos was given as a landmark in the directions Señor Sabrosisimo found to Abarrotes Rico - Asian Market.  Like the name suggests, "The Market of Everything" seems to have everything from clothes, to shoes, to luggage, to food, to jewelry, to electronics to... tattoos.

Of course, since he was there, Sabrosisimo had to check out this landmark.  He had never heard anyone even mention it before, and yet there it was, a full city block with an indoor swap meet.  There were hundreds of shops, fenced parking and a food court.  He even found an insulated vest that he had been hoping to find in his (um, very large) size at a reasonable price.

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Music store with guitars, keyboards, stage equipment and supplies

Large open galleries with hundreds of shops.

One of the many food stands in the food court.





Panaderia y Pasteleria Las Joyas - Bakery and Sweet Shop

Sometimes your sweet tooth is hungry for a good hearty donut.  Where can they be found in Rosarito?  Here, in a corner of a shopping center, north of town, just next to El Florido Abarrotes y Carnes.


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