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Tortilla Fitness


Kevin McManus is Sr. Sabrosisimo's personal trainer.  

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Baja Movers

Expert and careful movers from anywhere in Mexico to anywhere in the US, or from anywhere in the US to Baja or anywhere in Mexico.

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Jorge Cuadros and Associates

Take the worry out of bill paying and insurance with Jorge Cuadros and Associates.  They have been in business over 40 years.  They will pay all of your utilities, federal zone payments, bank trust fees, taxes and more.  They offer an online view of your account with them via the Internet with a secure account log in, so you never need to wonder how much remains in your account or if a certain bill was paid.  If a bill is due and there are not sufficient funds to pay it, they send you a notice via automatic email.  It could not be much easier.  In addition, they provide assistance with your Mexican temporary or permanent resident visa processing.

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Veterinaria Pet Stop

Veterinaria Pet Stop is a boutique veterinarian in downtown Rosarito, in the Hotel Zone.  They offer grooming, deworming, vaccines, consultations, surgery and 24-hour emergency support.  They have a well-stocked supply of flea treatments such as Revolution and Frontline, and dog and cat medicines, accessories and toys.

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CFE - The Electric Utility

CFE - Comisión Federal de Electricidad, the electric company.

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Popotla - Fishing Village

Many of us have been hesitant to visit Popotla fishing village.  When first  driving into the village, many people come up to your car to implore you to park and eat at their small restaurant.   The bustle can be overwhelming.  Well, for Señor Sabrosisimo, the chaos will not keep him away any more.


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