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Restaurante 58

What do you do when you have been busy shopping on Ave. Revolución and are hungry after haggling with the merchants there... and the place you thought you'd go doesn't open for two more hours?  Well, you ask one of the local merchants.  He said: "Go to Restaurante 58".

Sr. Sabrosisimo, Señora Adora and Doña Dona were shopping on Revolución before visiting an exhibition at CECUT, the Tijuana Cultural Center.  (Yes, the Explorers have culture, that's another story.)  We had planned lunch at another restaurant, and they were not open for two more hours.  We couldn't wait.  The merchant where we shopped suggested Restaurante 58.  We were pleasantly surprised at the quality and value.

Restaurante 58 is in the new building that houses the Soriana Supermarket on Revolución.  It is a small, modern restaurant with only 10 tables inside and a few on the sidewalk.  The menu is varied and the prices are very reasonable.  Señor S. and Señora A. each had a Tablita de Arrachera.  It includes 250g. of flank steak and grilled veggies, beans and guacamole with a starter of rich tortilla soup, all for $120 pesos.  It's enough for two for lunch.  Doña Dona enjoyed three tacos; carne asada, shrimp and octopus.

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Doña Dona by Restaurante 58's display of colorful plates


Tortilla soup starter


Hot off the grill Tablita de Arrachera - 1/2 lb of grilled flank with veggies


Carne asada, shrimp and octopus tacos... yum.





Day of the Dead

When we first learned of Day of the Dead, like most people from the US, we thought it was similar to Halloween.  That's a natural reaction, since Day of the Dead follows Halloween and has many items and images of skulls and skeletons.  Turns out, that's not at all the case.


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