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 Less than 100 feet from the imposing and rusting US border fence in Tecate is a hotel and meeting complex called Santuario Diegueño.  Señor Sabrosisimo recently attended a meeting there at their signature restaurant, Asao.  The experience was excellent.

Tecate can be hot in the summer, on this day the weather was magnificent.  The restaurant is both modern and reminiscent of the past at the same time.  It evokes the feeling that one gets in Tecate, that of timelessness and still being grounded in the present.

For lunch, Sr. S. enjoyed two dishes that were new to him.  There was a starter of Cream of Chicharrón soup, yes, the same chicharrón pork rinds that are sold in bags as snack food.  The small bits of crispy pork accentuated the sensory experience of this complex soup.  The entree was a rib eye steak in coffee sauce.  In Spanish, it sounds much closer to the richness of its taste... salsa de café.  Ratatouille was served with the entreé.  Service was excellent.

Hours: Lunch and late dinner

Cost: $$$ (expensive)

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Not as spicy as it looks... delicious


Steak and coffee, what a great combo with a side of ratatouille niçoise


Beautiful patio and fountain with the border fence in the background





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