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Mariscos Meños

One day at the barber shop in Rosarito Beach, Señor Sabrosisimo asked the barber where he liked to eat seafood.  The barber said "it's not in the tourist zone".  Señor S. said "Great, how do I get there?"

Mariscos Meños is a small, family-run restaurant on the east side of the toll road in Rosarito Beach.  It is in a residential neighborhood, just off of a commercial street.  The seafood is excellent and the prices are low.  Chef and owner Manuel Meños used to work at the Rosarito Beach Hotel and has several awards from his time there. 

One of Señor Sabrosisimo's favorite meals here is Mojarra Reina, a whole fried tilapia, with sides and delicious Siete Mares soup starter, all for $50 pesos (about $4 USD).  Other dishes Señora Adora and other Explorers have tried have also been excellent.  The place is small, clean and nicely decorated.  Most days it is crowded and there can be a wait since Chef Meños prepares everything to order.

Hours: Open for breakfast and lunch

Price: $ - very reasonable

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Chef/Owner Manuel Meños in his kitchen


Our entrees included a cup of delicious Seven Seas / Siete Mares Soup

Whole tilapia, perfectly crispy outside and moist inside, with rice and steamed fresh veggies





Panaderia 2 Hermanos

Tortas are Mexican sandwiches that are usually filled with meat and other yummy things.  They are often made with the standard bolillo or telera breads, which sometimes get soft from the fillings.  Panaderia 2 Hermanos has been making only one kind of bread that is perfect for tortas, a ciabatta-type loaf for 10 years.


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