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Baja Calypso

Just across the free road from the giant statue of Jesus in Rosarito at K38 is Baja Calypso.

If you search for "Calypso" on the internet you will find that it is a type of West Indian music with French roots.  As the owner is French, this is likely the inspiration for Baja Calypso, which is filled with artworks with a music theme.  On the other hand, Calypso is also the name of one of the famous Greek legends, the daughter of the titan Atlas who is remembered most for her role in Homer's Odyssey.

Just as the name has different significant meanings, Baja Calypso is many good things.  It is a great location for breakfast, with the best Eggs Benedict you will find. They are a regular favorite of Señor Sabrosisimo.  Baja Calypso is also a great place for a lunchtime burger, pannini, or salad.  They have excellent, inspired and well-prepared dinner entreés for an outing with friends or for romantic dining.  They have an extensive tapas and appetizer menu including outstanding escargot and fresh oysters.  The palapa oceanfront bar, just steps from the ocean, serves great cocktails, sangria and beer and wine for relaxing by the waves.

Whatever you want it to be, Baja Calypso is here for you to discover.

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Cozy and artistic dining room


Large patio and palapa with oceanfront bar


Fantastic Eggs Benedict


Kefta Panini with Parmesan Fries





Panaderia 2 Hermanos

Tortas are Mexican sandwiches that are usually filled with meat and other yummy things.  They are often made with the standard bolillo or telera breads, which sometimes get soft from the fillings.  Panaderia 2 Hermanos has been making only one kind of bread that is perfect for tortas, a ciabatta-type loaf for 10 years.


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