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Mariscos Titos

Eat where the locals eat and you will never go wrong.  On many visits to Mariscos Titos, they have always been packed with locals.

Located next to the off ramp from the toll road going north in Rosarito, just past the unpaved short cut to the municipal palace sits Mariscos Titos.  It seemed to pop up overnight.  Amazingly it seemed to be crowded overnight as well.  Mariscos Titos is well known in Playas de Tijuana where they are located in a standard building, in Rosarito it's all open-air.

Not wanting to miss a good opportunity, Señor Sabrosisimo and Doña Dona stopped in for a taco one day at lunchtime.  What we found is that yes the fish tacos are $10 pesos, and yes they are delicious, yet they serve many more items than a typical fish taco stand... and they have table service!  It's true, sit at your table when you find one, and a waiter takes your order and brings it to the table.

The tacos are huge, so start with less than you might think you want and, if still hungry, order more later...


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Large open kitchen.  Service is fast and hot.


Every visit we have found Titos to be packed with customers.

A big meal... $10 peso fish taco (left) and $35 peso camaron enchilado taco, shrimp with cheese and chili (right) 




Day of the Dead

When we first learned of Day of the Dead, like most people from the US, we thought it was similar to Halloween.  That's a natural reaction, since Day of the Dead follows Halloween and has many items and images of skulls and skeletons.  Turns out, that's not at all the case.


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