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El Portal Restaurante

You have probably driven past El Portal many times and did not realize that they were open.  That's a shame because you were missing excellent food in a clean cozy setting

Señor Sabrisisimo received an email from a Baja Explorers reader a couple of months ago suggesting that Baja Explorers visit El Portal.  He added it to the list of places to visit and drove past many times, thinking it was not open.  There never seemed to be any cars there.  When Señorita Margarita told him this week that she and a group had dined there, and that it was excellent food, he decided to stop and check it out regardless of the number of cars in front.

Sure enough, there were no cars that day.  What he found, however, was a cozy and very clean restaurant with three members of the family waiting to serve him an excellent meal.  While he was there, they prepared and delivered two to-go orders... home delivery is free in the area.

The entire meal was fresh and well-prepared.  The salsa fresca, called Pico de Gallo in the US, was made fresh.  It was not served from a batch that had been made earlier.

The special that day was Chili Relleños, consisting of two chilis for $60 pesos, served with rice, beans and home made tortillas.  The surprise was the presentation was different from what most of us are familiar, the chilis were served in a bowl of broth, similar to the broth in tortilla soup, instead of on a plate with a sauce and cheese on top.  When Sabrosisimo inquired about the soup, the owner, Armando, said it was the typical Mexican home style way to serve chili relleños.  It was delicious, as was everything Sabrosisimo was served that day.  If only Señor S. knew how to eat a chili relleño with a spoon...

Try El Portal and don't worry if there are other cars, it means you will get their full attention.  If your grandmother were Mexican, this is the food she would cook for you.

Update: Two days later, Señor Sabrosisimo returned for an early dinner.  The fried fish dinner was extraordinary and exceptionally fresh.  The salad was crisp and the dressing was home made and very tasty.  

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Cozy dining room with an open kitchen


Made to order salsa fresca


Excellent Chilis Relleños, served in a delicious bowl of broth


Pescado Empanazado - fried fish dinner, for $75 pesos




Expo Tequila

For two blocks in front of the Rosarito Beach Hotel, the street is filled with booths celebrating tequila, food and fun.


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