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El Carrito

Driving through north Rosarito near the mall and hungry for a burger or hot dog with fries?  No, I'm not talking about the fast food places from the US.  It's El Carrito, a great little food stand.  

Look for the giant hamburger on the roof, just south of the Pemex station near the mall.  El Carrito is a small food stand with tables that serves great burgers and fries, 3-egg breakfasts with coffee, or Mexican-style  foods.  Want more than just lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion on your burger?  Check out their well stocked toppings bar with jalapeños, mushrooms, different sauces, red onions and more.

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Excellent burger and fries

Burger and hot dog combos start at $55 pesos including drink

Fast and good food 




Baja Calypso

Just across the free road from the giant statue of Jesus in Rosarito at K38 is Baja Calypso.


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