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Panaderia y Pasteleria Las Joyas - Bakery and Sweet Shop

Sometimes your sweet tooth is hungry for a good hearty donut.  Where can they be found in Rosarito?  Here, in a corner of a shopping center, north of town, just next to El Florido Abarrotes y Carnes.

Panaderia y Pasteleria Las Joyas has been making bread, tortillas and treats in Rosarito since 1950.  They have huge US-style donuts and glazed or chocolate topped twists.  Their bread pudding is some of the best Señor Sabrosisimo has tasted.  All for $7 pesos each.  Fresh flour tortillas are made in the store.  What's not to like?

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Señorita Exterra scoping out the treats

They also have traditional Mexican sweets - this is where the bread pudding is located when available


Making tortillas on their automated press and griddle





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