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Popotla - Fishing Village

Many of us have been hesitant to visit Popotla fishing village.  When first  driving into the village, many people come up to your car to implore you to park and eat at their small restaurant.   The bustle can be overwhelming.  Well, for Señor Sabrosisimo, the chaos will not keep him away any more.

Not long ago, Señor's friend suggested a drive to Popotla.  Like the times before, when they didn't stay, the car was quickly surrounded, it seemed, by people wanting them to eat at their place.  This time though, they kept driving, slowly of course, down the narrow street and to the ramp that leads down to the sandy beach.  There they found several boats, with fishermen, that had just come in and were selling their fresh catch of the day.

There are also many small stands on the beach selling prepared seafood cocktails, oysters and fish tacos.

If you want fresher fish, you'll have to catch it yourself.  Most of the fish that day were $30 pesos a kilo.  Live lobsters were $22 USD a kilo.  You can have someone clean the fish right there for a small tip.  On another visit, a dozen live dungeness crabs were $10 USD.


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Abundance of the freshest fish


Fisherman with his prize catch of the day


He had a variety of other fish that day

Pelicans at the fish cleaning station





La Esquinita

One day, Señor Sabrosisimo was short on time and needed a quick lunch.  He asked the owner of a shop where was a good fast place to eat nearby.  It was just a few blocks away.


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