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La Cascada - Ice Cream and Popsicles

I scream, you scream, we all scream "Let's go to Primo Tapia for ice cream."  Wait...  Huh?

Señor Sabrosisimo was chatting with his friend Bob, a recent resident in Baja, and Bob said he usually has an ice cream every day in Primo Tapia.  Now, Sr. S. has had a few ice creams in his life, and was shocked that fresh made ice cream would be found nearby.  Sure enough, he was pleasantly surprised.

One afternoon, he and Señorita Exterra were on the way back from El Florido Abarrotes y Carnes in Rosario, when Exterra said: "I want ice cream".  We found La Cascada and the rest is history.  They don't have 31 flavors, they have more than that if you count the flavors of popsicles that they have.

All of the frozen desserts are made in the shop, according to the nice lady working there when we visited.  You can order scoops to eat in their dining area in cups, sugar cones, cake cones or waffle cones; or, they will pack any order to take home.  What could be better?

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Fresh made ice cream with many flavors


Lots of custom-made popsicles to choose, some with an Oreo cookie inside


Enjoy in the shop or take home





Macroplaza Insurgentes

When driving from Rodriguez Dam to Cervezaria Frontera, Señor Sabrosisimo and Señora Adora passed through a new commercial district with a large shopping mall.  Neither had heard anyone mention this area at all.  A couple of weeks later, Sr. S. decided to check it out.


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