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Rury's Chicken & Wings

When you are hungry for rotisserie chicken, you could go to a big box store and buy one cooked with gas inside a big machine, or you could go to Rury's and get a delicious rotisserie chicken cooked over a wood fire.  Yum.

Just across the street from La Canasta in Ensenada is a small shop that sells delicious rotisserie chicken and wings.  They have 11 different wing sauces.  You can get your food to go, or you can dine in their small, nicely appointed, dining room.  Either way it is worth a visit.

On a recent shopping trip to La Canasta it was lunch time, we were hungry, and the chicken from Rury's smelled so delicious we could not resist.  We were not disappointed, it was as good as it smelled.

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They serve more than 130 chickens every day 


Whole chicken served with roasted potatoes, onions, mild peppers and macaroni salad with homemade salsa





Ceramica JR Tile Factory

Sitting on a hillside just west of Tecate is the artisanal tile factory of Javier Ramirez called Ceramica JR.  Designers in Mexico and the US call on JR to provide custom made tile for the best homes in Mexico and California.


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