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Sometimes a nice relaxing lunch is just what you need.  Recently, in Ensenada, Señor Sabrosisimo and Señorita Julia needed just such an escape.

It seemed that we would need to drive all over town to run our errands, so as they say, serendipity is your friend.  Our errands took us across the street from Haliotis, one the best restaurants in Ensenada known mostly only by locals.  It is away from the tourist zone and, for English speakers, the name is similar to an unpleasant condition.  The restaurant is actually named after the scientific Latin name for abalone, their specialty seafood.  They also serve many other types of seafood and other dishes.  Sabrosisimo has been wanting to visit Haliotis for several years, he will not wait very long for his next visit.

The facility was well-maintained and immaculately clean and we were greeted at the door by our server, who spoke excellent English.

Our meal was delicious, and relaxing.  If you need a relaxing get away for lunch or dinner, this is the place.

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A tradition in Ensenada


Fish Haliotis - one of their signature dishes


Beautiful stained glass windows surround you





Macroplaza Insurgentes

When driving from Rodriguez Dam to Cervezaria Frontera, Señor Sabrosisimo and Señora Adora passed through a new commercial district with a large shopping mall.  Neither had heard anyone mention this area at all.  A couple of weeks later, Sr. S. decided to check it out.


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