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Salud Digna

For those of us who need glasses, they can be a big drain on the wallet.  Exam fees, frames and lenses add up very quickly.  At Salud Digna, keeping your glasses prescription up to date is much easier all around.

Salud Digna is a non-profit chain of healthcare locations in Mexico, founded by the owner of Su Karne meat company.

They provide affordable medical imaging, laboratory and optomitrist services.  Most of the work is done right there in the facility.

A pair of glasses, including frames with a free eye exam can be as low as $180 pesos.  Additional items are priced per the menu below.

Their laboratories have won many awards, due to an institutional partnership with ROCHE, world-leading in the industry, providing you access  to the most modern equipment available in Mexico.  There is even a location in Los Angeles, CA.

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Menu of glasses prices, in pesos


Señorita Exterra loves her new $300 peso glasses, and the second pair was half price.


Low cost medical testing and diagnostics






When you think of Mardi Gras and Carnival, what comes to mind?  New Orleans? Rio de Janeiro?  How about Ensenada?  Turns out they have been holding Carnival every year since 1918!


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