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Tacos Fenix

Time and again, articles are written about the best fish tacos in Baja, and time and again, Tacos Fenix in Ensenada is on the list.

Tacos Fenix has been serving fish and shrimp tacos in the same location for more than 44 years.  After a recent visit by Señor Sabrosisimo and Señor Martini, during a short shopping trip to Ensenada, we now know why.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an article about fish tacos in Baja.  Yes... that Wall Street Journal.  It listed Tacos Fenix at the top.

Since we would be nearby, and are always looking for a good place for lunch, we stopped in.  The rest, as they say, is history.  The fish was perfectly fresh and expertly prepared.  The toppings were fresh and plentiful, you add them yourself, whichever you want and how much of each you want.

You owe yourself a visit to Tacos Fenix.


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Señor Martini after a great lunch


Fresh and hot


Friendly staff


Photos courtesy of D. Worthy




Mercado de Todos

As is typical when someone in Baja gives directions, the Mercado de Todos was given as a landmark in the directions Señor Sabrosisimo found to Abarrotes Rico - Asian Market.  Like the name suggests, "The Market of Everything" seems to have everything from clothes, to shoes, to luggage, to food, to jewelry, to electronics to... tattoos.


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