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La Reyna

Eclairs and Napoleons are just the beginning.  Did you know there is a shop in Ensenada that sells only fine French pastries?

La Reyna ("The Queen") has been preparing and selling fine pastries in Ensenada since 1990.  We were told that La Reyna provides pastries to the famous restaurant El Rey Sol in Ensenada.  In any event, you must try these.  They are made with locally sourced ingredients.

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Only one block from 1st Street/Lopez Mateos (the main tourist street)


A limited number of items, all exceptionally delicious


Even the pink boxes are classy





Tortas Washmobile

The car wash is long since gone, but the little stand selling only carne asada tortas, that got it's name from the car wash has remained in the same location since 1964.


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