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Deckmans? Definitely!


vineyard views © erin dunigan 2013

I’ve been meaning to try Deckman’s – one of the seasonal ‘campestre’ pop-up restaurants that are making their mark on the Guadalupe Valley’s culinary scene – for quite some time. As it happened, last night was the night.

Deckman’s, I must say, did not disappoint.

This entirely outdoor (including the kitchen!) dining experience is the creation of chef Drew Deckman, American by birth, but a resident of Baja California Sur. For the past two summer seasons Deckman has brought his culinary skills north to Baja’s Guadalupe Valley.

Deckman’s is located at the Mogor Badan winery (which many in the region know for it’s Wednesday and Saturday organic produce market – produce which Deckman uses in his culinary creations) under a canopy of pines and with plentiful views of the surrounding vineyards.

The meal? Delicious.


vino tinto © erin dunigan 2013

We chose the ‘three course’ (which was plenty of food though the ‘five course’ is an option as well) with a few additions along the way – and a bottle of the Mogor Badan ‘tinto’ red wine.

The food is ‘Guadalupe Valley gourmet’ – a style that is fresh, local, seasonal, and not your average daily fare – or at least not mine. I’d list the courses, but since I was too busy enjoying them I did not take pictures (or notes) to describe them in all their glorious detail.

So, you just might have to try it for yourself. Though do so soon – Deckman’s is only open until the end of September. It is sure to be open Thursday through Sunday, but check their Facebook page for specifics and further info.


sunset view © erin dunigan 2013

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Baja Explorer Doña Jardinera is Erin Dunigan, a photographer, writer, and ordained as an evangelist in the Presbyterian Church USA. 

Her work has taken her literally around the world – from teaching photography to youth in an Ecuadorian barrio, to photographing the work of World Vision in Gaza, and most recently to Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Cuba, and Kenya on delegations with the PCUSA. 

She blogs in fits and spurts  at , and tweets and instagrams from @edunny. 

Though she travels extensively, her home is in Baja California, Mexico, where she lives in what used to be her grandmother’s house, composts, plants fruit trees, and has become pastor to an evolving gathering called Not Church.   Reprinted with permission.



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