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El Mirador

If you've driven to Ensenada on the cuota, you know how spectacular the coastline is along Salsipuedes Bay.  Salsipuedes means "get out if you can" in Spanish.

El Mirador means "the overlook" in Spanish.  There once was a restaurant facility at El Mirador, now only the restrooms in the building are open.  What remains open and available are the large terraces and picnic areas with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and bay and, on clear days, Ensenada Bay and Todo Santos Island.

Why not stop at El Mirador on your next drive to Ensenada and recharge a bit with the breathtaking scenery?


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Facility was once a restaurant


The rings in the water are tuna pens


This small shrine is in the picnic area, with covered tables





Rancho Reynoso to La Loma

Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.  On a sunny afternoon, Señor Sabrosisimo and Señora Adora took off in Adora's all-wheel-drive SUV.


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