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Where to go with visitors from the US?  They've been to Baja before, yet were looking for something or some place new.  Of course, great food and wine in a serene setting would be well received.

Señor Sabrosisimo was asked by his friend Señorita Julia where he recommended that her sister and friend could go for a new Baja adventure.  Sabrosisimo had heard about Cuatrocuatros, but had not yet been there.  Of course, he would have to go along with them to explore it.  The four of us thoroughly enjoyed the food, the wine, the setting, the creativity and serenity of Cuatrocuatros in the El Tigre community north of Ensenada.  Our food was excellent as was the wine made there in the winery.

We will certainly make Cuatrocuatros one of our regular stops, even if we don't have visiting guests.

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Señorita Susana, Señorita Julia and Señorita Rosita in the vineyard with the Cabañas and Restaurant in the background


Seafood Pasta with delicious clams and octopus


Perfectly prepared Swordfish Steak with salad


Bar and lounge attached to the restaurant.  All of the structures are in harmony with nature.






 Less than 100 feet from the imposing and rusting US border fence in Tecate is a hotel and meeting complex called Santuario Diegueño.  Señor Sabrosisimo recently attended a meeting there at their signature restaurant, Asao.  The experience was excellent.


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