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When you think of Mardi Gras and Carnival, what comes to mind?  New Orleans? Rio de Janeiro?  How about Ensenada?  Turns out they have been holding Carnival every year since 1918!

The early celebrations of Carnival in Ensenada date back to the 1890's, though early celebrations were more informal.  Since 1918, the organizing committee has held the event every year.  It is the third-largest Carnival in México, this year the organizers expect over 600 thousand attendees.  This makes Carnival Ensenada the largest public gathering in northwest México.

Carnival is February 7-12, 2013.  It is a large family friendly event with three parades and lots of floats and costumes.  There are amusement rides and vendors.  This year, the event grounds will return to the park by the harbor, the one with the large Mexican flag and the three statues of historical figureheads. 

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Crazy balloon hats


Fantastic costumes


Fun for all





Abarrotes Rico - Asian Market

With so many Chinese and Japanese restaurants in Baja, it just makes sense that there would be some Chinese/Asian grocery stores, yet none seemed to be found.  Señor Sabrosisimo finally found some information on the internet about one in Tijuana across from the Mercado de Todos.


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