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Several months ago, Señor Sabrosisimo's friend Paty, who lives in Ensenada, recommended a boutique restaurant in Ensenada  near the river bed.  After dining there this week, Sabrosisimo wonders why he waited so long.

Paty was right.  The food is very good and the prices are moderate.  Restaurante Ratatouille is located away from the tourist and commercial zones in Ensenada, and that's a good thing.  This cozy restaurant serves a variety of well-prepared and well-priced dishes.  Whether you are looking for a salad or a meal at lunch or dinner time, give them a try.  You might even run into Señor Sabrosisimo there.  Sr. S. had Spaghetti Allburo, a generous portion of succulent shrimp in a garlic butter sauce.  Including salad (or soup) and a cup of ice cream for dessert for $110 pesos.  Our other Baja Explorers dining that day were equally satisfied with their meals.

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Dining room with a French decor


House salad with cilantro dressing, included, or you could choose the daily soup offered.


Spaghetti Allburo





Abarrotes Rico - Asian Market

With so many Chinese and Japanese restaurants in Baja, it just makes sense that there would be some Chinese/Asian grocery stores, yet none seemed to be found.  Señor Sabrosisimo finally found some information on the internet about one in Tijuana across from the Mercado de Todos.


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