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El Salto

Most of us think of Baja as desert climate, with few water features other than the ocean and gulf.  In the rainy season during the winter, the El Salto waterfall and canyon are a fun and easy hike with striking water features.

The hike goes along the river bed of the Guadalupe river as it makes its way to the Pacific Ocean.  Soon after leaving the Valle de Guadalupe, the river drops several hundred feet into a canyon.  The hike is not very difficult, the waterfall and canyon are 9/10ths of a mile from the parking area.  There are large oak trees and places for picnics and camping.  In the spring there are many wildflowers along the way.

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Video of the waterfall


Along the hiking path are boulders that have natural stripes in the rock


In March and April there are many wildflowers along the path


Pools and rapids in the stream






Where to go with visitors from the US?  They've been to Baja before, yet were looking for something or some place new.  Of course, great food and wine in a serene setting would be well received.


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