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Jardin de Natalia - Organic Market

For produce as fresh as you will find anywhere, visit the Organic Market in the Valle de Guadalupe.  This farmhouse and produce stand have the best freshest items you are likely to find anywhere.

Most of the produce is grown sold is grown in the garden, just across the path.  Imagine buying lettuce, arugula, basil, and other veggies that were picked that day... some are picked just before they are sold. On a recent visit, the market ran out of radishes and carrots.  Señora Adora was almost disappointed, until Lupita called the worker in the garden to harvest some more.  Less than 10 minutes later, Adora had her freshly picked and washed bunches of carrots and radishes.

In addition to produce, the organic market sells prepared marmelades and jellys, olive oil, sauces and dips.  They have a variety of artesanal breads from local bakeries, such as Laja just across Route 3, or from Hogaza Hogaza in Ensenada.  Most days they have, fresh eggs and some times they have chicken and lamb.

The market is open only on Wednesday and Saturday from 11a.m. to 1 p.m.

From Route 3 in the Valle de Guadalupe, go to kilometer marker 86 and look for the brick entry to Mogor-Badan winery.  Keep on this path and keep left at the winery.

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Lupita with Señora Adora and her freshly picked produce


Selection varies by season, but is always fresh


Fresh is better





Ceramica JR Tile Factory

Sitting on a hillside just west of Tecate is the artisanal tile factory of Javier Ramirez called Ceramica JR.  Designers in Mexico and the US call on JR to provide custom made tile for the best homes in Mexico and California.


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