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Rancho Cortes - Artesanal Cheeses

You may have seen cheese in the markets with a Rancho Cortes label.  Did you know that you can visit the ranch and see the cheese being made?

Rancho Cortes is located in the Valle de Guadalupe area of Ensenada, just off of the road from El Tigre to El Porvenir.  They make a variety of artesanal cheeses and you can visit the cleanroom where they make the cheese.  A sampling of eight different varieties of their cheese was $35 pesos when we visited and you can purchase cheese direct from them by the kilo.  Their cheese range from a fresh soft cheese to Gouda to Queso Añejo that is aged at least five months.

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What's a ranch without cows?


Cheesemakers in the cleanroom kneading the curds


Wrapped in cheesecloth, draining the whey

Take the path across from the paved road at the tee to Ensenada


Look for their sign







Baja Calypso

Just across the free road from the giant statue of Jesus in Rosarito at K38 is Baja Calypso.


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