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El Florido Abarrotes y Carnes

What started as a small meat market in the Florido section of Tijuana has become a chain of grocery stores.  The format is a mix of warehouse store and meat market, with a service counter for meats.

They carry a full line of groceries, dairy, produce, and staple foods, along with disposable plates, cutlery, napkins and cups.  The store has a shop in the back for fresh cooked carnitas and tortillas made in the store.  One of the featured items they sell are "combos", a bundle of ingredients, tortillas, sodas, cups and plates to have a party.  There are shrimp combos, carne asada combos, pozole and menudo combos... it's one stop shopping for a fiesta!

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Produce and bread section with carnitas and tortillas in the back of the store


Good selection of meats, if you don't see it on display, they will cut it for you.

Señorita Exterra could not resist the 3kg bag of Cheetos for $69 pesos! 




Panaderia 2 Hermanos

Tortas are Mexican sandwiches that are usually filled with meat and other yummy things.  They are often made with the standard bolillo or telera breads, which sometimes get soft from the fillings.  Panaderia 2 Hermanos has been making only one kind of bread that is perfect for tortas, a ciabatta-type loaf for 10 years.


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