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Cervezaria Frontera

Just across the river from the Via Rapida in Tijuana is Cervezaria Frontera, a craft brewery that specializes in making artesanal ales.  Currently available in restaurants and at the brewery, their brews are full bodied and rich-tasting.

Brewmaster Roberto Riátiga López oversees the production of India Pale Ale, Brown Ale, Stout and Red Copper Ale using only the best and freshest ingredients.  Señor Sabrosisimo learned that there were different kinds of barley.  At Frontera, they use imported  chocolate malt barley, caramel malt barley and two-row brewer's malt barley in their brews. 

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Fermenting tanks


Tasting room


Red Copper Ale with hops





Panaderia y Pasteleria Las Joyas - Bakery and Sweet Shop

Sometimes your sweet tooth is hungry for a good hearty donut.  Where can they be found in Rosarito?  Here, in a corner of a shopping center, north of town, just next to El Florido Abarrotes y Carnes.


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