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Abarrotes Rico - Asian Market

With so many Chinese and Japanese restaurants in Baja, it just makes sense that there would be some Chinese/Asian grocery stores, yet none seemed to be found.  Señor Sabrosisimo finally found some information on the internet about one in Tijuana across from the Mercado de Todos.

Just a block off of Blvd. Ordaz, the eastern extension of Blvd. Agua Caliente, and across the side street from Soriana Supermarket is Abarrotes Rico, a clean and well-stocked Chinese/Asian grocery with noodles, canned goods, sauce mixes, teas, cooking utensils and decorations.  The owner is very friendly and helpful.  Give it a try when the markets in San Diego are too much bother.

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Well stocked and clean store

Assortment of teas, noodles and spices

Specialty canned goods and sauces. 




Ollie's Brick Oven Pizza

Sometimes things are very different in Baja.  For instance, one of the best restaurants in the world is located in Rosarito and is "owned" by a dog.  Ollie is a Portugese Water Dog and his restaurant, Ollie's Brick Oven Pizza, was just awarded's 2013 Certificate of Excellence.  No, I'm not kidding.


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