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Popotla - Fishing Village

A small village on the beach with fishermen selling fish, lobster and shellfish direct from the boats.

Location: Mex 1, the free road, immediately south of Baja Studios.  Drive under the arch (which needs repair) and at the end go left.  Continue onto the beach which will be in front of you in about a block.  Note: there is also a housing development a little farther south named Popotla, the fishing village entrance is under the big arch next to the studios.

Time: 30 minutes to all day.  To buy from the fisherman it is best to go early where there is a larger selection, usually before 11.  For restaurants and stands, most any time after 11.  Be advised that on Mexican holidays, Popotla can be jammed with cars and people.

Cost: Free to visit, otherwise based on what you purchase.


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