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Rancho Cortes - Artesanal Cheeses

Rancho Cortes makes a variety of artesanal cheeses and you can visit the cleanroom where they make the cheese.

Location:  Valle de Guadalupe area of Ensenada, just off of the road from El Tigre to El Porvenir.   At the tee-intersection that points to Ensenada from the El Tigre road look for the Rancho Cortes signs and turn onto to the dirt path that is opposite the paved road to Ensenada.  Then follow the path and "Queso" signs, generally keeping to the right until you see the dairy buildings.

Time: 30-45 minutes

Cost: Free to view, $35 pesos for a sampling of eight cheeses, additional cost varies by what cheeses you purchase

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El Salto

Most of us think of Baja as desert climate, with few water features other than the ocean and gulf.  In the rainy season during the winter, the El Salto waterfall and canyon are a fun and easy hike with striking water features.


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