Discover the Best of Baja...

  • Tijuana Zonkey

    No visit to Tijuana is complete without a photo with one of the famous Zonkeys on Ave. Revolucion...

  • Mercado Hidalgo

    Baja's abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables is evident in Tijuana's Mercado Hidalgo and many other markets...

  • Day of the Dead

    It's not what you think. Not at all scary like Halloween, it is a celebration of life by honoring the deceased...

  • Popotla Village

    Baja's coastline provides an abundance of fresh seafood. In places like Popotla, you can buy it direct from the boats...

  • Artesanal Foods

    The Valle de Guadalupe provides a perfect setting for artesanal cheeses and other foods...

  • Street Markets

    It's never far to the nearest street market. Held most days of the week in one place or another...

  • Memorable Sunsets

    You will never grow tired of Baja sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. Don't forget to watch for the green flash. It really does exist...

  • Dramatic Coastline

    Baja's coastline varies from sandy beaches, to volcanic rocks with crashing waves, to smooth pebbles to high cliffs. It is constantly changing and exciting...

  • Valle de Guadalupe

    The Valle de Guadalupe is just a short drive from Ensenada and has been compared to Tuscany in Italy...

  • BajaMed Cuisine

    Fresh seafood and Mediterranean-type local ingredients have given rise to BajaMed cuisine with many chefs serving high quality dishes based on the fresh items available in Baja...

da Toni - Ristorante Italiano

da Toni is an exceptional Italian restaurant in downtown Ensenada.

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Rury's Chicken & Wings

Rotisserie chicken cooked over a wood fire and 11 types of wing sauce.

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Haliotis is a classic seafood restaurant that is an Ensenada tradition.

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Tacos Fenix

Tacos Fenix has been serving fresh fish and shrimp tacos in the same locations for more than 44 years.

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Deckman's is a seasonal ‘campestre’ pop-up restaurant in the Guadalupe Valley.

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El Portal Restaurante

You have probably driven past El Portal many times and did not realize that they were open.  That's a shame because you were missing excellent food in a clean cozy setting


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